Small actions big differences

Hello, dear readers! I’ve always wanted to post something in this blog that all may friends, especially the oversea ones (mainly scouts =P), could enjoy. And somehow I got carried away with this international feeling because today is the International Women’s Day (at least, still is in Brazil).

Also I had a hunch that today would be a nice day go write in English: my colleague from our Bussiness Unit in USA called me today. I haven’t spoken English for ages and today I had to do my best to speak and listen. You can’t imagine how I felt: I answered the phone in Portuguese and in a matter of seconds I had to continue speaking in English. It was really exciting.

Anyway, before start writing something more useful, let me introduce you to this blog. The name in Portuguese stands for Virtual Bar. The concept of the blog is to write about many subjects like if it were a small talk in a bar. No pressures, no worries yet speaking about important themes (most of the time). And since every bar got a bartender here it couldn’t be different: Adamastor is our character that is always listening and pouring another shot.

Now that you got the idea, let’s get back to work! It is really incredible that small actions can make a really difference. Maybe not significant changes in the world itself but can cause real impact into people’s life. I already quoted a small action that really made a difference in my choices. I could be writing about anything else in Portuguese but I received a phone call that really made my mind.

And since today is the International Women’s Day, many men are trying to be more polite and concerned about the women in their lifes. Ok, men should be concerned all year long but sometimes soccer matches get in the middle.

Anyway, when this situation is reconized, the small actions like buying some flowers or sending a message (even a SMS or Facebook message) will be really appreciated. I know that because the impact that a SMS can make in a relationship (especially in the begining of one) is really valuable.

And it doesn’t matter the content of the message yet I would advise not to send the same message to all women you know. Try to be at least original and make every message unique otherwise you’ll be just a spammer.

I know I sent my share of messages to the ones I care and cherishe. And you, Adamastor? Did you send your thoughts to someone special too?

Kisses&Hugs, Nando.

PS: I hope that I haven’t made major mistakes. If my friends notice any mistakes, please share your opinion. And I really hope I could reach my international friends! =D

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